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MAP An incredibly well done piece of software that one would expect to be valued in the hundreds or thousands of dollars and one would also expect it to be only available to those in the most arcane scholarly Biblical circles. Instead it is a masterpiece of freeware available to anyone who downloads it to their computer. I that brings with it a pristine and crystal clear knowledge and understanding of what is really said in the word of God.

You no longer need a stack of translations and reference books, or have need to review a myriad of footnotes and commentaries since you can search a verse and then search any word you want to have a deeper understanding of the written work. I searched Genesis 1, verse 2: "...and the spirit of God moved over the waters" (AV). In Spanish Reina Valera it also says "moved", but in the NIV it says "hovered" (a word that may have not been in use a hundred years ago. An interlinear search took me to an OT verse that spoke of a verse and translated the word as "fluttered". This was a new angle of understanding. I have since visited many verses and and I have been able to mend many split hair ends for a personal deeper understanding of God's written word.

Subjects like Creation, the OT presence of Christ, can be clearly revisited and clearly understood. In a note signed T.W. and attributed to William Tyndale enprisonment, he says he is always cold, has a runny nose and issues with his bowels, yet the dedicated Oxford scholar only petitions the letter's recipient for a coat and for his Hebrew dictionary that the work of his translation of the scriptures into the English language may be completed.

My salvation was founded on my King laying down his life for me, my English Bible is the one that one my King's servants paid for with his very life. When he was burned publicly, Tyndale is recorded as yelling out: "God -- open the eyes of the King of England !!!" The 400th anniversary of the answer to that petition will be celebrated in May 2011. This interlinear program is a work as important to Christendom as the KJV has been - I encourage all to use again and again until you graduate from this life into the next.

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hecongyan It helps me. Excellent

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